Thursday, March 27, 2008

Another Item For Sale!

Hot off the sewing machine! This cute little sundress will be custom made to fit your little darling and will grow with her through the years. I made Addie's kind of long so she'll be able to fit into it next year as well. And when it's too short to be a dress, it can be worn over jeans as a babydoll top!
6m-2T: $35
3T-6: $40
Quantities are limited so place your order now!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Wowsa! PayPal is HERE!!

Oh dear, what have I gotten myself into! Since I am actually offering some things "for sale," I thought it might be nice to go for it and try out the cute little paypal widget (see him over there, isn't he cute!). PLEASE be patient with me if you wish to use this method...I'm sure it's not difficult, but since I am so new at it, I will have to consult my wonderful, helpful friend Lisa before I go goofing up anyone's order!
Fiddle around with it and you'll see I have offered options for the Shasta Daisy set (you choose tee or tank) and sizes. Also, note that the shipping is not included in these prices so I will add the actual shipping to your invoice when your order is placed...if you are local, of course I would be glad to deliver it right to your door!
Have fun, place orders, and happy Spring!!!

Pretty, pretty

I finished this outfit for Addie this weekend and I think it has turned into my new favorite (I tend to think this of everything new I make so you'll probably get this a lot!). I didn't buy a ton of this fabric when we were at Hancocks because I found it right before we were leaving, BUT I know where to get it if anyone is interested. If you want this outfit, I might ask for a "deposit" so I can buy the fabric and then ask for the remainder of the payment when the outfit is complete. This set comes with ruffled capris with an elastic waist and a short sleeve, ruffled peasant top and sash. I will only make one more of this outfit (other than Addie's) so get this beauty while you can! Here are prices for this outfit:
Sizes 6m-2T: $55 (deposit of $15)
Sizes 3T-6: $62 (deposit of $20)
AND I know right where you can get a matching bow:

Remember, you can click on the pictures to enlarge them to see more detail.


Alright, here is another outfit for sale...

Adorable little Shasta Daisy set that comes with ruffled capris with elastic waist and your choice of appliqued tee or tank. SO fun for spring and summer! I do not have the shirts in stock, so it may take a week or two to get this outfit to you, but I promise it will be worth your wait! I had so much fun throwing this one together and it turned out darling. See more pictures below. You'll notice the prices are a little less than my estimates in the price list, but this fabric was marked down so you get a better deal!

Here are the prices:
Sizes 6m-2T: $35
Sizes 3T-6: $40

Quantities are limited so buy yours now! (I have enough fabric to make 2-3 more outfits, depending on which sizes are ordered first).

Please email me at: to place your order!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

I'm Hardly Containing Myself!

Let me preface this by saying that a wonderful member of my family passed away this past Tuesday, Jennie dog, and this week has been very sad and slow, to say the least. So mom and I were looking for a major pick-me-up on Wednesday and we jumped in the car with Addie and headed for a last minute road trip to Paducah, Kentucky. For those of you who don't know, Paducah is the home of the annual quilt show AND has one of the most wonderful fabric stores I've ever been to--Hancocks. It's like walking into fabric Heaven! I got to actually see and touch all the beautiful fabric I oooo and ahhhh over on the internet every day! I have a LOT of work ahead of me and here is a taste of what's to come...

My personal favorites!
Fresh Strawberries :)
Pink and Brown anyone?

We'll save the rest for a'll just have to check back as I get some things made up and finally ready to sell!!! I'm beside myself thinking of all the possibilities for these beauties :) Who knew fabric could make a girl (and her mom and her daughter) so happy!


I was so excited to try out this new stripwork dress/top pattern I got a few weeks ago and my mom generously donated a stack of beautiful purple fabric for me to get it done. When I finished it (the first time) it was almost down to the floor when I tried it on Addie. SOOOOO....after becoming best friends with my seam ripper and shortening it quite a bit, here is the final product. (Not the best pictures because Addie has on her jammies underneath, but I couldn't wait any longer to get these on here!). Of course something like this could be a dress or a long babydoll-style top with matching pants or jeans. It could also be worn in the winter with long sleeves or summer with nothing (well, bloomers underneath!).

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Pricing and Payment

I know some of you may be outraged at my asking prices and think they are way too high. Here is a little bit of how I came up with these estimates:
*I did spent lots of time researching ebay, etsy, and many other online "boutique" clothing stores and tried to stay somewhere in the middle of everyone's prices. Having Addie around for 14 months, I have done my share of ebay shopping and peeking at boutique clothing on the internet and I must say that my prices are very fair compared to some (I'm talking over $100 for outfits just like the ones I make!).
*I only use very high quality, 100% cotton fabrics for my clothing. I buy from online quilt/fabric shops and very rarely use any fabric from places such as JoAnn's or Hobby Lobby. And having had some experience with quilting (and it being in my genes), I feel very confident in my ability to color match and come up with fabrics that coordinate and compliment one another.
*Everything I create is made carefully, with lots of attention to detail. All of the seams are serged to prevent fabric from fraying (if you're not sure what this is...just check out the inner seams of any store bought clothing and you'll see what I'm talking about).
*My time is very valuable to me! Along with the cost of the materials to make each outfit, I must give myself something for my time. And although it's not much, I feel it is only fair to pay myself for the time I'm spending in my sewing room (not watching Oprah or eating bon bons!). Christopher says that if I'm not going to get all the household chores accomplished in a day, at least I could be making a little money!
I have been playing around with this wonderful little Paypal widget (who knows what that is?) for a while now and I'm excited to be able to accept payment through paypal on my blog very soon! But while I'm working out the kinks with the widget-guy, I would gladly accept cash or check (good checks only please :)
Don't forget to subscribe to my blog so you will receive an update when I do finally set up the Paypal widget!!!
Enough of my babble! Have a wonderful day!

A Couple New Things

Yes, it snowed 4-5 inches here this past Friday so I took it upon myself to attempt to get in the mood for Spring yet again (after the teasingly wonderful weather we had last weekend). Since I love making the peasant tops so much, I thought I'd try making a dress. This is some extra fabric I had stashed away from a pants outfit I made Addie in the fall and it turned out so cute! Of course, on a hanger, it looks like it might fit her baby doll, but the elastic stretches and it certainly fits her as you can see. I want to make a few changes to this pattern before I make up any samples to sell, so be on the lookout for a slightly different version coming soon!

This next outfit is one I've been wanting to make up for a long time now with some red and blue fabric I got a few months ago. As you may have noticed, I am kind of into the vintage look and I like using prints inspired by the 1930s. Addie wore this to church this morning and it was quite comfy. I am so excited about it because I actually sewed in my clothing labels on the top and pants and it looks so "official" now! I don't have any more of this fabric, but if anyone is interested in this exact outfit, I know right where to get more and it would probably get here quick!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Price List--Finally!!!

I've spent a lot (I mean a LOT) of time trying to narrow down a price list so here it is. Keep in mind that all prices listed are estimates and the final price will be displayed as each "sample" is made up. Also, each price does include Indiana sales tax so if you live outside of Indiana, please let me know and I will change the price for you.

Ruffle pants/capris and appliqued tee (your choice of long sleeve, short sleeve, or tank)
Examples of similar outfit: Valentine outfit or Halloween outfit
Sz. 0-2T $43.00
Sz. 3T-6 $49.00

Ruffle pants/capris and Peasant shirt (short sleeved or 3/4)
Examples of similar outfit: Red and cream paisley (3/4) outfit or red and blue (short sl.)
Sz. 0-2T $56.00
Sz. 3T-6 $64.00

Sundress with shirred top and ruffle
Example: Green dress
Sz. 0-2T $35.00
Sz. 3T-6 $40.00

Euro style wrap dress--it's actually reversible so you get 2 dresses in 1!
Example: First picture in the slideshow (green flowers, ties in the back, Addie has on a peasant shirt and pants with it)
Sz. 0-2T $43.00
Sz. 3T-6 $49.00
For a complete outfit similar to Addie's Easter outfit, add $11 for the shirt and $11 for the pants!

I am always trying new patterns and making up my own designs so be on the lookout for any new added outfits. I'm sure I'll be getting around to doing some skirts for spring and summer soon!

Feeling "Springy"

What a beautiful day today! Here in Evansville, we had 68 degree, sunny, warm and beautiful weather...expecting snow on Tuesday. Welcome to Indiana weather! As I anticipated the warm-ness today, I decided to make a cute little springy sundress to get us all in the mood for the upcoming season. It includes straps that tie on the shoulders and a cute ruffle at the bottom. Of course this one had to be green since St. Pat's is the next holiday and Addie must have something green to wear. (I finished some shamrock pants today for her as well...see those in the slideshow).

This type of dress would be between $35 and $40, depending on the size. I promised a price list, so I'll stop with this post and get right on that. I hope everyone enjoyed the nice weather today!