Thursday, February 28, 2008

Slowly, but Surely...

Funny, I haven't even sent this out to many people yet other than a few friends...and here I am entering another post. Guess I feel like writing! I am still full of enthusiasm about my business and things seem to be progressing slowly. Business cards are on their way to my house and a designer is figuring out my clothing labels (tags, in other words) as I type. I am just thrilled to see them soon! With the help of friends (thanks Lisa and Brandy!!!), I have many resources to consider and lots of important "business matters" to still deal with.
With spring fast approaching, I would love to begin taking orders for some fun little sets or dresses. Here's the deal...I placed a small order for fabric the other day and I'm so much wanting to buy more (the funds just aren't there yet!), but I don't want to make any big orders until I know I will have people lined up to purchase things from me. See what I'm saying?
IF you think you might be interested in something (and PLEASE don't pressure me to get things done in time for Easter!!!), drop me a line in my email: I already have lots and lots of ideas for summer projects so once I make some sales and get some extra $$$, I'll be able to splurge on more fabricato (my fun way of saying fabric for today).
Still Excited,
Jessie June (yes, this is where the name Junebug came from...I wasn't born in June, but my mom has called me Junebug or Junie since I can remember!)

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Big News...Introducing Junebug Creations

After lots of encouragement from friends and family, I have decided to finally start my own business making and selling children's "boutique" clothing. I've been making custom creations for Addie for months now and enjoying every minute of learning new tricks in the garment sewing world (which by the way, is completely different than quilting!). It's SO much fun and completely satisfying to see my final products displayed on my very own personal model, Addie.

I have lots of ideas of what I want this business to be, but it will take some time to get things going. Eventually, I would like to have a website where customers can purchase my custom clothing, but for now this *FREE* blog will have to do. I'll use it to show some examples of what I have done and I would love you to email me if you want to place an order. I will say that a lot of the outfits I currently have made up for Addie are out of fabric from my mom's "stash" and the quantity is limited. I am looking forward to getting my hands on some fun, springy fabric soon so I can begin this wonderful journey. I plan to create clothing ranging from size 1 to size 5/6, but those sizes could be easily made smaller or larger for a custom, comfy fit.

I'm so excited about this that I'm not sleeping at night! My brain is constantly thinking about all the many things I need to get done so please be patient while I get everything going in full force. Feel free to spread the word to friends and family who have little ones--I "specialize" in little girls' clothing, but would love to try out some little boys lounge sets too! If you have questions or would like to talk with me about placing an order, please email me at I hope to have a price list up soon. Looking forward to my first customers!

Click on the slideshow at the top to see a few of the outfits I have made for Addie (sorry some of the pictures are terrible, but it's sometimes difficult to get a good view with a mobile baby! I promise to do better in the future!) I will be adding new ones as often as I make them!